CCWSL Mission Statement

The mission of the Cape Cod Women's Soccer League is to provide an opportunity for women, aged 17 and over, to play competitive soccer on the Cape. The league is for experienced players, but women of all levels are invited to participate.

The CCWSL hopes to promote the enjoyment of the sport of soccer and to contribute to the growth in popularity of the sport among women on Cape Cod.

League Philosophy

Coaches will play all registered players in each game. Playing time will be fair while still fielding a competitive team. Fair does not always mean equal. Playing time may vary per person and per game. If a team has no coach or team rep, players will decide their own playing time. Players should make a commitment to attend at least 75% of the games per season. If a player misses more than 3 games without a reasonable excuse, playing time could be lessened at the discretion of the coach. Coaches will reward players who are committed to the team.

There will be no tryouts to enter the league. Teams will be determined based on team preferences from your registration. However, if your registration comes in after your prefered roster is full, you will be asked to take a position on a nearby team which is still in need of players. Each team will have a minimum of 11 players and a maximum of 22. Players may be added as season progresses if roster drops to less than 17 players due to injury or official withdrawal from the team.

All players must be officially registered, paid, and waiver signed before participating in any matches. Official online registration will close the day before the start of the season. However, players can still register after the start of the season but must contact the league director in order to do so. Players registering after the start of the season, shall expect to pay the full registration fee and are not guaranteed preference of team. A player must participate in a minimum of three regular season games in order to participate in playoffs.

While the level of play will be competitive, the league will not tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of any player or coach. Any intentional physical contact, beyond the level of fair play (with intent to injure) will not be tolerated. Inappropriate, abusive or foul language will not be tolerated.


  • The field should...
    • Be marked accordingly. (Boundary lines, a halfway line, a center circle, goal area lines, penalty area lines, corner area lines, and penalty kick stripes.)
    • Have corner flags or cones.
    • Have suitable goals and attached nets.
    • Have team and spectator areas (not behind net).
  • The game ball should...
    • Be provided by the home team (2)
  • Players and substitutes
    • A team must have 7 players to start a game.
    • The winner of the coin toss will get choice of end and the ball to start the 2nd half.
    • Either team may substitute between halves, goal kicks, goals, injuries and cautions (optional)
    • Either team may substitute on a possession throw-in provided non-possession team is at half field and ready to enter.
    • Substitutes will be at mid-field on the sidelines.
    • A goalkeeper may have possession of the ball for six seconds and free reign of movement within the penalty area after having obtained possession.
    • A goalkeeper may not touch the ball with her hands when receiving it directly from a throw-in or a kick back by a teammate.
  • Player Equipment
    • Required equipment includes: jersey, shorts, socks, suitable shoes, and shin guards.
    • Goalies will have a distinctly different shirt than those of her teammates.
    • Caps or visors are legal for a goalkeeper.
    • Illegal equipment includes jewelry of any kind. Also, casts, metal splints, or knee braces of any kind with sharp edges are illegal. Braces can be legal with 100% coverage of polyurethane or an alternative material of the same thickness.
    • Hair control devices are permissible only if of soft material.
    • Coaches and team reps are responsible for making sure players are equipped properly.
  • Timing and Length of Game
    • Two halves of 45 minutes.
    • 10-minute half-time intermission.
    • In the event a game must be suspended indefinitely, it shall be declared an official game if one half or more has been played.
    • The clock and time will be kept by the officials.
    • The clock will never be stopped, time can only be added.
    • (EXC. Unusual delay or suspension of play.)
  • Ball Starts and Restarts
    • All ball starts, the ball needs only to be moved.
    • (EXC. PK's and kick-offs, the ball needs to move forward.
    • In case of temporary suspension of play because of an injury or unusual delay, the team in possession of the ball will keep it. (Indirect kick). If no team has possession at the time play is stopped, a drop ball is ruled.
  • Scoring. You can't score on an...
    • Indirect kick, throw-in, or free kicks into one's own goal.
  • Off-sides
    • All rules apply. (Even is on.)
    • Remember: No one is offsides on a shot; however, subsequent events may cause a player to be offsides on that play. Also, whether or not one is involved with the play will determine if player is offsides.
  • Fouls and Misconducts
    • 2 Red Cards awarded to a player will result in league suspension for that player until the following season.
    • Please see Mission Statement for clarifications.
    • Emphasis also placed on time wasting tactics, excessive celebrations, and the caution/disqualification procedure.
  • The officials shall be...
    • Dressed alike in gear specified by the league and its commissioner.
    • Knowledgeable of the league rules.
    • Fit to perform duties.
    • Aware of the Mission Statement and overall philosophy of the league.
    • Fair and unbiased.